Community, Campus, or Event

We’d love for you to share Legends of the Knight with your organization, youth group, community group, school, or university.  You can host a screening anywhere in the world!

In the spirit of Batman, we encourage you to use the event as an opportunity to raise awareness or donations for a local charity group.

(This page is for hosting a screening at a location you arrange.  To request a screening in a local movie theater, learn more HERE.)

For events that offer free attendance, benefit a charity, or have an educational focus, you can request a FREE license.   Email Us

For business events, for-profit screenings, or to support our efforts by purchasing a license for your event… Launch Your Screening

Here are some resources to help you create a successful screening:

Getting Started – Setting Up Your Screening

  1. Visit to select the proper license for your screening.  The fee for educational, free, or not-for-profit screenings is different than for a standard ticketed event, so choose the right option for you.  If you are planning a one-time only event, choose a Single Screening Rental.
  2. If you want to sell tickets online, accept donations, or create a free RSVP list to your event, submit an Event Page Request Form.  Our friends at will create the page for you.

Promoting Your Screening

  1. Start by reading this page about Sharing Your Screening, which will walk you through how to best reach out to your friends, family, and organizations via email, social media, and traditional outreach.
  2. To make communicating easier, this page contains Communication Templates for Emails to Family & Friends and Community Groups.
  3. Follow this link for a Sample Press Release for local media.  Additional images you may need for promoting the screening are located in our Press Kit on our Press Page.
  4. As your event’s campaign moves forward, be sure to update current and potential attendees with new information about your event using the Promoter Messaging tool on your Event Page.  To access Promoter Messages,  click the blue button at the top of your Event Page labeled “Message Followers” to send messages to all attendees.
  5. If you’d like to create a Facebook Event Page, you can use these images for your Banner and Profile Picture.  Click these links and then “Save As” to download them.

The Day of the Event

  1. We recommend sharing a short introduction just before the movie begins.  Take a look at our Sample Event Introduction.
  2.  If you’d like, hand out Sign Up Sheets to collect the contact info of attendees. Scan & email us the list you collected, and we will send every attendee a THANK YOU for attending the event & a special discount code for purchasing any items on our website.
  3. Take a picture of you and your audience holding a “WE ARE BATMAN” sign.  After the event, email your photo to and we will post in on our social media accounts!  You can also tag it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram with #WEareBATMAN or @BatmanFilm.

After Your Event

  1. When your event is complete, you can follow up with your attendees by sending them a message with the Promoter Messaging tool on   You can use this Follow Up Message Template.
  2.  Be sure to tag #WEareBATMAN and @BatmanFilm in all of your Social Media posts about the event.

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