This is a feature-length documentary film that tells the true stories of individuals who have become superheroes in their own lives because of their love of Batman.  The film explores the power of storytelling and the ability all of us have to be heroes.  The goal of this film is to inspire everyone who loves Batman to embody his spirit, engage with the world, and make a difference.


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How can I be part of the adventure?
  1. You can inspire the heroes in your community or organization by hosting a screening of “Legends of the Knight”.  We have partnered with Tugg.com to create a turn-key approach to bringing the film to a theater in your area, with our studio’s proceeds from the screening contributed to the local charity of your choice (more details here).  Or, you can share the film in another venue with your organization, youth group, charity event, etc. (more details here).
  2. You can purchase an item from our Store or make a Contribution.  All proceeds from our Store will benefit our new 501c3 not-for-profit that helps create and share inspirational films like this one.
Is “LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT” suitable for all ages?

The film is free of objectionable content or language.  Some stories deal with tragedy and sadness, but the details and images are not graphic, detailed, or overly intense.  A certain level of maturity is required to view 76 minutes of real-life stories, but if a young person can follow a typical reality show or nature documentary, they will likely enjoy the stories in our film.
We recommend reading this review of the film on Common Sense Media.

Is “LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT” an official Batman film?

This film has not been approved, licensed, endorsed, or associated with any corporation that owns, produces, or distributes the stories of Batman.  We have worked hard to carefully adhere to Best Practices for Fair Use.

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