A Note from Filmmaker Brett Culp

Culp-42Thanks for taking a moment to explore the story of Legends of the Knight.   Creating & sharing this film has been a 3-year passion project for me.  I wanted to tell a story that would inspire the hero in all of us, and the journey of creating & screening this film has changed my life.   I am continuing to learn that no matter what challenges we face in life, all of us have the power to bless the world.

The film has screened theatrically in 100 cities with proceeds benefiting charitable organizations.  It is now available to watch & share on DVD, Bluray, & Digital.

I am so grateful to EVERYONE who has contributed time, energy, and resources to bring this film to life, and I am thrilled to share it with the world!

Legends of the Knight is my first feature-length documentary film, but I have spent my entire career uncovering uplifting stories and imagining them as motion pictures.  I am passionate about real stories with inspirational messages.  My work is about reminding us of the beauty within our own stories and in the stories around us.  This philosophy has led to an exciting range of work around the world, and I continue to be honored to work with extraordinary people and organizations who inspire me with their stories.

You can learn more about my work and my approach at www.brettculp.com.  Enjoy the show!

- Brett

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