Introduction for Screening

It is ideal for someone to stand-up and introduce the film.  Here’s an idea of what you might say:


Thank you very much for coming to this special screening of “Legends of the Knight”, presented by [Your Organization Here].  Our hope is that tonight’s event will encourage you to be a hero in your world.

If you believe that one person – one story – can make a positive difference in the world, you are in the right place.  At the core of this film is the message that we all have the ability to be superheroes.  Even in the midst of the most challenging circumstances, we all have the power to bless the world.

It’s important to note that the filmmakers are donating all of the proceeds from the theatrical screenings of this film to charitable organizations.  This screening benefits [ORGANIZATION NAME], and we are so happy to partner with them on this event.

If you enjoy the film tonight, I’d ask that you to tell your friends and family about it, and encourage others to host screenings. This is a small film with a huge heart, and it’s going to need our help to reach the world!

For more information on how to host screenings or reserve your DVD or Bluray copy, please visit

Thanks again for your support, and please enjoy “Legends of the Knight”.

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