“Not your typical superhero flick… I didn’t expect to get teary-eyed.”
-USA Today

“The most important superhero movie you should see this year”
-Movie Pilot

“You will not see a more emotionally-engaging Batman movie in your entire life.”
- Filmmaker Kevin Smith

“It’s an eye-opener – a terrific documentary, well worth sharing as a family.”
- Common Sense Media

“This is one of the most uplifting films you’re likely to see this year.  Highly recommended.”
- Nerdvana

Legends of the Knight will leave even the most hardened Bat-fans misty-eyed… The documentary will have you ready to take on social injustice.”
- ScreenRant

“Moving, charming, and a great way to tie together pop culture and inspiration, this little film is a delight.”
- Times Union

“One of the best Batman movies ever made”

Legends of the Knight is just about the most inspiring Batman movie ever made… Few movies have ever gotten closer to the superhero spirit”

“I suggest everyone who loves comics watch this, and if you have kids, have them watch with you.”
- Fangirl Magazine

“Everything about this doc is amazing to behold.”
- Cinema Blend

listen to our podcast with Kevin Smith:  Original Recording | PG-rated Edit

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When I clicked on the trailer for a new Batman documentary, I didn’t expect to get teary-eyed.  But Legends of the Knight isn’t your typical superhero flick…

The waterworks really come when Culp speaks to young fan Kye

usatodaySapp, who took strength from the Caped Crusader when he was fighting leukemia at age 5.

Interviewer: “What would Batman do if he had cancer?”

Sapp: “He would try to stand back up and fight it … like I did.”

Oh, man.




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