Sharing Your Screening

Congratulations!  Now that you have requested your theatrical screening & you have a Tugg Event Page, let everyone know!

If you do not yet have a Tugg Event Page, click HERE to submit your request.

Below is a set of ideas & approaches for spreading the word to your friends, family and community.  Our goal is to help you along the way!

Encourage Engagement

Attendance at traditional movie screenings is driven by marketing dollars & advertisements.  But the success of your “Legends of the Knight” screening will depend on getting a small group of people getting excited about the event & joining you in the adventure of promoting it.  It is important to communicate that the event will only happen if enough tickets are reserved before the deadline.  This is essential since most people are used to buying movie tickets the day of the event.

Provide Necessary Info

Always provide the event information and the link to your Event Page so people can easily reserve a ticket.
“We have set up our very own screening of Legends of the Knight at [Theater Name] and we need your support! We need to sell [Tickets Needed] tickets before the deadline on [Deadline Date] in order to make this screening happen!  Proceeds will benefit [Charity Partner].  Get your tickets here: [Tugg Event URL]”

Reaching Out to Your Personal Contacts

You’ll want to start by spreading the word to your family and friends.  Begin by sending a personalized email using the Email Templates for Emails to Family & Friends and Community Groups.  Make sure to personalize your messages.  A genuine, heartfelt email can go a long way!

Once you have connected with your immediate networks, contact additional groups or organizations that you’re affiliated with.  Your book club, your local comic book shop, your parenting group, etc. This event can be a great way to bring together various communities to enjoy a inspiring film and meet one another.

Social Media

Next, you’ll want to post to your social networks about the event. Check out our Guide to Social Media for Your Screening for example posts to help get you started.

Remember, the average social media post is only seen by about 15% of your network, so continue to post every few days to make sure that all of your friends and followers hear about the event.

We also encourage you to create a Facebook event for the event.  Click to download graphics for the BANNER and PROFILE PICTURE.

Finding the Influencers

Now it’s time to think bigger!  What groups, organizations, and individuals in your community would be interested in being part of your Legends of the Knight  screening? Reach out to them and see if they’ll help spread the word.

Because of the unique focus of Legends of the Knight, consider reaching out to organizations that promote community service for youth & community building activities, as well as local ComicCons, comic book shops, costuming groups, and other groups connected with pop culture.

Ask your Charity Partner to spread the word to their friends and followers via email and social networks.

In your outreach make clear how the organization can benefit:

  • A chance to speak at your screening during the intro
  • A chance to moderate your discussion after the film
  • A plug for their brand on your Tugg Event Page
  • A few free tickets they can offer their members as a giveaway

Note: Be careful not to offer these perks to too many organizations. Once a few groups are interested in speaking at your event, for example, you’ll want to think about new and creative perks to offer others for their time in spreading the word.

For ideas on how to best reach out to these groups and organizations be sure to read the Communication Templates for Emails to Family & Friends and Community Groups.

Local Press, Blogs

A onetime, crowd-funded screening of “Legends of the Knight” that benefits a local charity is a unique story for a local paper or blog.  People in your area would love to hear about this community-driven event.

Contact the editors of local blogs and newspapers using our Sample Press Release and be sure to include any special information about your screening.

Following Up

Now that you have shared the event with your family, friends and community, it’s very important to follow up and remind everyone.

Here are a few suggestions for how to follow up with people about your event:

  • Social Media: Keep your followers in the loop with updates about your screening and news about the film. Share how many tickets you’ve sold in the last week, the Trailer for the film, or what others have thought about the film.
  • Promoter Messaging: The Promoter Messaging tool within your account is a great way to connect with the individuals who have already purchased tickets to your event.
  • Personalized Follow Ups: You have probably come across people who are excited about your screening but might not have purchased tickets yet. Check back in with them and encourage them to get their tickets soon!

We Met Our Minimum and My Event Is Confirmed!  What Happens Now?

Once your event is confirmed, tickets will remain on sale until four hours prior to the event. If it sells out several days in advance, Tugg may be able to upgrade your event to a larger auditorium. Bigger theaters aren’t always available, but you might get lucky!

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