Theatrical Run-Down

Here’s an overview of how the financials work for you & your chosen charity for a Theatrical Screening in your community via

Our studio will donate the proceeds we, as filmmakers, receive from your screening to the local charity of your choice.

In addition, when you first request your screening, at the bottom of the Event Request Page, there is a space for “Fundraising.”  Our goal is for each of our theatrical screenings to raise funds for a local charity, so we hope you will click this box so your attendees can have the opportunity to contribute additional funds when they purchase their tickets online.  This is a wonderful tool & can make a SIGNIFICANT difference in the funds your raise.

For every requested screening, sets a minimum number of tickets that must be pre-sold within 7 days of the event.  This is called the “threshold”.  This insures that the costs of holding the event will be covered.

Depending on the city & theater, this number will typically be between 50 and 75 tickets.  For some theaters – particularly those in prime downtown areas – this number may be higher.  For weekend screenings, the number could be much higher, so they are not recommended.

When you meet this minimum number, the theater expenses of the event are covered, & your charity will be guaranteed $100.  This $100 is our studio’s proceeds from the event.

Additionally, as the person who requested & hosted the screening (the “promoter”) you will receive 5% of the gross ticket sales.  We recommend that you contribute this 5% to your chosen charity.

So, if you only reach your minimum threshold of tickets sales, your charity will receive $100 + the 5% you receive.

After the minimum ticket sales are reached, your charity will receive a flat 30% of any additional tickets sold.

Tickets are priced at the normal cost for your local theater’s showings during the scheduled time of the screening.

Here’s an example:

Assume the tickets are $12 and your minimum threshold is 50 tickets.

      • If you sell 50 tickets, your charity will receive $100 from us + $30 from your 5% fee = $130 total, plus additional donations during pre-sales.
      • If you sell 100 tickets, your charity will receive $100 +$60 from your 5% free + $180 from ticket sales beyond your minimum = $310 total, plus additional donations during pre-order.

After your screening is over… will be in-touch with you directly to send your 5% promoter fee, plus additional donations made during your pre-sales.  This will be sent to you, & you will be responsible for donating it to the charity you chose when you scheduled the event.

Additionally, someone from our studio will be in touch with you separately to disperse the funds from ticket sales.  Because of the nature of theatrical distribution, it may take up 90 days for our studio to receive the revenues from your event & send a check directly to your chosen charity.  To avoid delays, you can email (1) the city & date of your event, (2) the name of your charity, & (3) their donation address to our studio manager via:


Hope that makes sense.  Enjoy the show!

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